Octanorm Stands

What is Octanorm shell scheme, what are the measurements of the panels, how can I use the Octanorm system to my advantage?

As contractors we sometimes assume that everyone understands the terms and phrases that we use – Octanorm shell scheme being one of them.  You might not be familiar with the name but you can be sure that if you have stepped through the doors of an exhibition recently you will have seen it in use.

Octanorm is a modular stand system, which comes in 1-metre and ½-metre panels, so can be built to any size and configuration.  Octanorm is used across a wide variety of exhibitions. The structure of the system is made up of metal support poles and beams which are locked together to form a frame with foamex panels slotted between the poles.

Generally, support poles are placed at every meter of the stand and support poles at every 4 meters. If your stand includes a half meter dimension do contact your contractor to confirm where the half meter panel will be placed on your stand as this is usually governed by the make-up of the stand block. If your fascia is longer than 4m expect a support pole to be placed along the opening of the stand.

If you wish to attach materials to your shell scheme such as posters, graphics or material, use something that can easily be removed and will not damage the panels of the stand such as double-sided velcro or double-sided sticky pads.  The components of the system are re-used and most contractors will charge for any damage made to panels.

The images show what a basic shell scheme stand will look like and how it can be transformed to create an amazing space with impact.